The Tick Will Make Waves at SDCC 2017

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In the midst of all the serious superhero TV series, it seems that one particular hero will try to bring a new experience.

And for those who are a fan of The Tick even back in the 1980s, the SDCC 2017 may be the next venue you'd want to mark your calendars for. According to Deadline, Amazon's The Tick will have quite the presence in the event.


A Tick Takeover is already geared up despite the lack of confirmation for the presentation date and venue for the series creator and executive producer. The set-up will feature a replica of the warehouse set of The Tick as well as other locations in the series. This multiroom replica will supposedly be open from July 20 to 23.

Talks about the superhero series has been strong as far as its presence at the SDCC 2017 go. This isn't at all surprising, seeing as how the SDCC will be the next big event that will precede the expected release date for the series.

Other events slated to promote and hype the buzz for The Tick include a scavenger hunt and a 20-foot animatronic version of The Tick's headgear. Apparently, this display will allow fans to express the Tick's emotions using the controls of the animatronic. This is a nice event to attend in case you find yourself at SDCC 2017.

The Tick will remain true to its material as a part-comedy and part-action series. it will follow the misadventures of Newman the accountant who lives in a world that's governed by a global villain and superheroes. The Tick will arrive on Amazon on Aug. 25.

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