The Suicide Squad Star Joel Kinnaman Describes the Film as 'Something Really Special'

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman is pretty fortunate to be among the original cast members who'll reprise their roles in James Gunn's soft reboot of the 2016 team-up flick and boy, he sure is excited for the film's new direction courtesy of the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker.

Getting into detail about the film and his working experience with James Gunn, Kinnaman, who's returning in the film as Rick Flag told CBR: "So that [role] I was very, very happy to come back to because it was such a treat, and such an incredible experience to work with James Gunn." He added, "And his vision for The Suicide Squad, it was so good. And when I got the script sent to me, it's so funny. Like every page made me laugh. I was sitting at home reading it laughing out loud."

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Joel continued by saying that the film is "something really special." He said: "I've never done a comedy before, and this felt like my first comedy. And I think in the first Suicide Squad, I'm not disappointed with my work in there, but... I never played around with it. I felt like I had these parameters that confined me in a way. So it was a great feeling for me to do the second one because James just opened up the possibilities for the character, and it became much more comedic."

Judging by what we saw from James Gunn's special behind-the-scenes preview at #DCFanDome's Hall of Heroes panel, The Suicide Squad will be taking things a little less seriously without compromising the action and intensity comic book fans want to see. And hey, Gunn has a knack for turning D-list characters into beloved mainstream icons and he's proven that through his fantastic work in Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1 & 2. The project is definitely in good hands and I'm hella excited to see it on the big screen!

The Suicide Squad is eyeing an August 6, 2021 release date.

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