The Suicide Squad: Nathan Fillion's Mystery Role In James Gunn Film Possibly Revealed

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Have you been wondering who Nathan Fillion will be playing in The Suicide Squad? Well, you might have to stop theorizing soon. A new report may have revealed Fillion's mysterious role in the highly anticipated DC Extended Universe flick.

To be fair, the roles of most of the cast of The Suicide Squad have not yet been announced. In fact, the roles were discussed in a recent episode of The Weekly Planet podcast. Interestingly, Charlie Murphy of the Murphy's Law podcast confirmed that the scoop about Fillion's role in the James Gunn movie is correct. Take a look at his tweet below.


"Recent The Weekly Planet Podcast dropped a scoop about some roles in Suicide Squad. While I can't confirm the identity of Elba's character, I can confirm that Fillion is playing Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and the rest of the other non-lead roles discussed in the scoop. Good work, guys!" Murphy wrote.

First of all, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy is a real DC comic book character (because I can't make something like this up, really) and his bizarre name comes from his equally odd talent. Floyd Belkin has the ability to pull off his arm and legs at will and occasionally uses them to beat on bad guys. Additionally, he seems like the perfect character for Fillion to play although Floyd was never a member of Task Force X.

Although it might be the first time that some people are hearing about Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, the member of Heroes of Lallor was actually mentioned in the fifth season of The Flash. In the episode The Death of Vibe, Nora West-Allen mentioned the character as being Cicada's first victim (I guess his arms weren't strong enough to beat the villain).

The Suicide Squad is scheduled for release on August 6, 2021.

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