The Rise of Skywalker: Rey's Costume Actually has an In-Canon Homage to Princess Leia

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One thing that fans complained about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was that Rey's outfit was basically her Force Awakens outfit, but only cleaner. The look did come with a hood though, and it's been revealed that it was an in-canon tribute to Alderaan.

This was revealed in the Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary (via @StarWarsStuff):

With Carrie Fisher gone, the movie really wanted to give Leia a significant role, and that's also made clear with her newfound relationship with Rey. It's revealed that Leia was in charge with the continuation of Rey's training, and now Rey has a significant imprint on herself from three of the original trilogy's main characters.


Personally, I respect Leia's role in the franchise as a whole, but I kind of wished they made Rey her own character rather than making her a mash-up of Han, Luke, and Leia. I mean, as someone who liked The Last Jedi, I thought there was something very meaningful about Rey being powerful by herself, and it's kind of a punch in the gut when The Rise of Skywalker just explains that she's only powerful because she's a secret Palpatine.

Though critics hated it, I think the only audience members that should really matter are the kids. If young kids walked out of The Rise of Skywalker feeling great about the end of Rey's journey, then I guess the movie was fine. If anything, I can always tell myself that everything ended with The Last Jedi.

For now, you can check out Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters.

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