The Rise of Skywalker Director Reveals a 'Legit Script' Ended Up for Sale on eBay

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be making its way to theaters less than a month away. The movie is finished with all the reshoots and editing, but with such a highly-anticipated movie within a large franchise, how did they manage to actually have all these details kept under wraps?

Director J.J. Abrams recently made an appearance at Good Morning America to share the good news. In the process of talking about how the company is nervous about letting any information out regarding the movie, Abrams recalled a time that could've been a huge slip-up if discovered any later.

The director revealed that one of the actors in the film actually left their script under their bed. Of course, Abrams didn't mention who it was even if he wanted to. The script was then found by someone who cleans the actor's place and is given to someone else who actually went on ahead to sell it on eBay.


The scripts are printed on a specific type of paper, and a Disney employee actually spotted the item for sale, which looked like a "legit script." Fortunately, they got it back before it was sold. Abrams pointed out, "With all the security, you have to be careful." You can check out his full interview below.


The interviewer went on to mention about how fans decipher trailers and teasers once something gets out. Abrams admits that he's "grateful" for those who really like to read into the details; which is why he makes sure to add meaning to these details, no matter how small, because they will eventually get "scrutinized."

It's really reassuring for Star Wars fans to know that the item was taken down on the site before it could fall into the hands of someone who would potentially try to make money off of the script. And with the news of the movie officially getting finished, the hype is getting bigger than ever.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres on December 20.

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