The Punisher Reportedly Set for MCU Reboot with Jon Bernthal Returning

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Marvel's Netflix shows have gained quite a strong following over the years and fans have been waiting for characters like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher to crossover to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For some reason still unbeknownst to many, their arrival to the franchise has yet to happen but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself hasn't ruled out the possibility of them joining their shared universe.

Now, a new report suggests that Marvel Studios is eyeing Frank Castle actor Jon Bernthal to reprise his role as the ruthless vigilante in the billion-dollar franchise. The folks over at Giant Freakin Robot are reporting that Bernthal will indeed return as The Punisher but there's a catch — the character is set for a reboot which means that all traces of his Netflix past will be erased.

Nothing has been confirmed yet as of writing but if the rumors end up being true, the decision to reboot the character should be interesting. It also pretty much confirms that if actors like Charlie Cox, Finn Jones, Mike Colter, and Krysten Ritter were to join the MCU, their backstories will be considered non-canon. To be fair though, it wasn't exactly confirmed whether The Defenders is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not so the choice to reboot them does make sense.

Meanwhile, you can check out episodes of The Punisher on Netflix.

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