The Punisher: New Set Photo Confirms War Flashbacks

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Ever since he debuted in the second season of Daredevil, fans knew a series starring Frank Castle would be gritty and violent. Now that Marvel's The Punisher will be debuting on Netflix this November, everyone has been curious about how the show will tackle the ruthless vigilante. If this recently released set photo means anything, it looks like we're in for a dark time.

Thanks to a feature from Empire, we now know that the show will have flashback sequences that detail Frank Castle's time as a soldier. While the war won't be based in Vietnam like the popular Punisher Max comic book, it definitely won't be pretty. Expect plenty of blood, gore and trauma in these scenes, especially with the hard R rating it shares with the other Marvel Netflix shows.


War has always been a big part of Frank Castle's life. Much like Batman, he feels like his crusade against criminals is a big, never-ending war. Unlike DC's Caped Crusader, Frank doesn't plan on letting criminals live, which will put him at odds with the other characters in Mavel's Netflix universe.

Marvel's The Punisher is slated for a November release, though no actual release date has been revealed as of this writing. To capitalize on the show's momentum, Marvel will release a six-issue comic book series called Punisher: The Platoon, which details his war years, with the acclaimed Punisher Max creative team of Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov telling the story.

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