The Punisher Actor Jon Bernthal Talks About the Injuries He Had to Deal with on Set

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The Punisher might not have lasted for very long on Netflix, but Jon Bernthal put all of his energy into playing Frank Castle in the Marvel Netflix series.

Speaking with Men's Health at the Fandemic Tour Houston (via,The Punisher star John Bernthal explained how he went all-out on the series, saying that he was left battered and bruised when he was playing the popular Marvel vigilante.

During his interview with the publication, Bernthal compared his time doing stunts on The Punisher to a box match, saying that "I'm not gonna be the one to say I'm gonna walk away."

Though Netflix had to cancel all of its Marvel series, Bernthal still thinks about what made Marvel Netflix series so great.

"I think the cool thing about those Marvel shows, those Netflix-Marvel shows, I think what made them stand apart a little bit is that we were trying to do movie-level fights in a TV show. And the brass tax of that is you're trying to fit a movie-level fight into the schedule of a TV show," the actor said, "In a movie, you might have two months to shoot an action scene, you rehearse it forever. We've gotta rehearse it, learn it, shoot it, usually in an afternoon. It's much less time. So our saying on our show is, ‘You do it real and you do it once.' So if you're throwing someone through a wall, just throw them through the damn wall. Do it hard, do it once."

Bernthal's wounds were incorporated in the second season of The Punisher where fans get to see the actor pushing on even though he broke his hand, dislocated his thumb, and tore his ligaments on work. The actor got himself knocked unconscious a few times while working on set too. Despite all the injuries, Bernthal thinks it was all worth it.

The Punisher lasted for only two seasons. The series was cancelled earlier this year, one of the later shows to be axed by Netflix. Fans might be hoping to see The Punisher make its way to Disney+ or some other Disney-owned network, but Netflix has a contract prohibiting the series from transferring to another network until two years after its cancellation.

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