Origin of Rey's Yellow Lightsaber Has Been Leaked

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was a hot mess but did have several bits that were worth talking about, the most buzzworthy scene being Rey's yellow lightsaber. Fans are used to the lead character in Star Wars owning a blue or green lightsaber so seeing Rey finish her journey with a yellow one was a shocker. We never got to see how she got that yellow lightsaber but a leaked entry from Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection has finally given us those juicy details.

Courtesy of StarWarsNewsNet.com, we finally know how Rey made this new lightsaber. As the entry below reveals, her new lightsaber uses pieces from the weapon she previously used; the quarterstaff. The blocky shape at the end of her staff is replicated in this new lightsaber, which also uses rotation to bring out its colored saber.

Unfortunately, the entry in Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection does not detail why she chose the color yellow or how she got a new crystal but those are all minor details. Personally, I would love to see new adventures of Rey in the media soon, whether it's an animated series, comic books, or even some novels. Just something to tide fans over as we wait for more details on the new Star Wars movies.

Fans of Star Wars animation, comics, and books know that Rey isn't the first person to wield a yellow lightsaber, though she is the first live-action character to wield one. It was still pretty surreal to see that color in live-action and we hope to see her cut some Sith scum with this weapon sooner, rather than later.

Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection will come out on October 20. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available on Disney+.

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