04 Mar 2019 10:01 AM +00:00 UTC

The New Star Wars Black Series Designs Have Fans Both Puzzled and Excited

Fans finally got their first look at the latest offerings in the Star Wars: The Black Series, but they were left both confused and delighted.

The four-figure pack, which will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks, features Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) wearing his mask and a cape while wielding his activated lightsaber.

Commander Pyre from the ongoing animated series Star Wars: Resistance is included in the pack as well as a pint-sized MSE droid that is so small, it feels more like an accessory. The fourth character is called a "Mountain Trooper," which is the enigma of this pack.


The description on the packaging suggests he comes from the very early days of the First Order. This makes sense especially with the inclusion of Commander Pyre as well as Kylo Ren still donning his helmet, which he destroyed as of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

However, the Mountain Trooper isn't an official trooper. Instead, he looks like a mix of the Shoretrooper from Rogue One and a Range trooper from Solo. It's got fans wondering about the design inspiration because it looks like it belongs to the Galactic Empire era as opposed to the First Order era.

First pictures of Disney Parks Exclusive Black Series Figure Set
'NEW' Mountain Trooper - Hasbro Black Series 6 Exclusive at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Then again, toys aren't the most reliable when it comes to the actual representations of characters or locations in the films. While Hasbro designers and Disney work together for the designs, there's a lot of moving parts involved.

Toy manufacturers usually get enough info for an action figure without spoiling important details. Most of the time, they get the earliest versions of character designs and plot because toy production takes place very early on.

Remember those Jyn Erso figures that addressed her as a sergeant? She was originally going to be an enlisted Rebel leader in the Star Wars spinoff, but that idea was scrapped during filming. The toys were already in production by that time, so the change was not accommodated.

Constable Zuvio from Star Wars: The Force Awakens also ended up with his very own figure, which a lot of fans ultimately loved, even though he was reduced to a background character in the end.

The same can be happening with this Disney Parks exclusive. That's assuming the Mountain Trooper will be featured in the big or small screen in some form. The Black Series design might be based on an unseen early iteration or a new one set to make a debut at some point.

On the other hand, the Mountain Trooper is also said to be a character designed specifically for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the upcoming Disney attraction inspired from the intergalactic franchise.


If this is the case, the fact that Commander Pyre is on this Star Wars: The Black Series pack has many excited. This is because he might be seen in the flesh too, perhaps at the Rise of the Resistance ride theme park, which will feature characters like Rey (Daisy Ridley), Kylo Ren, Finn (John Boyega), and Poe (Oscar Isaac).

Some even think he might cross to the big screen. After all, he'll make for a good-looking replacement for Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) should she be out of commission in the next film after her fiery end on The Last Jedi. For now, however, there's no official details yet.

Star Wars: Galaxy Edge opens this summer. Star Wars: Episode 9 hits the theaters December 20.

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