The New Mutants Outrages Fans With Use of Racial Slurs

The New Mutants hasn't been in theaters long but many are already calling it an underwhelming end to the Fox X-Men era. It's a shame that these movies were so divisive in quality because when they were good, like X-Men: Days of Future Past, these movies were amazing. Another aspect that these movies always handled well was the mutants being an allegory for minorities, which is why some might be upset by some of the racial slurs in Josh Boone's movie.


On Twitter, a fan pointed out how racist Illyana Rasputin is to Dani Moonstar. They want so far as to record all of the bits where Illyana says all sorts of racist things to Dani, even calling her "Pocahontas" at one point, which is just wrong. This could have been Boone's way of showing how racism comes in all forms, even those that are already looked down on, but he could have done something else.

As expected, fan reaction has been divided, with many pretty upset over these lines. Thankfully, no one is mad at actress Anya-Taylor Joy since these were lines written for her to say and she has to speak them. It's something that could have been avoided entirely and we're shocked at how these made the final cut. You could argue that Illyana/Magik learns to stop being racist by the end but that makes her hard to root for when she takes on The Demon Bear later.

Simply put, it's a messy situation and one that should have been avoided. We're sure Josh Boone has a point and didn't mean to discriminate but this was just a trashy way to get his message across. The New Mutants should be showing in limited cinemas right now.

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