The New Mutants is Still Planning a Theatrical Release Despite All These Delays

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It's kind of fitting how 20th Century Studios' (yuck, still not used to calling them that) The New Mutants seems to be cursed since it is a horror movie with a superhero theme. The movie was supposed to come out years ago but multiple delays, including the one that happened this year due to the Coronavirus, made many of us wonder if this movie would end up getting the straight-to-video-on-demand treatment that Trolls 2 got. We even thought this would happen after an Amazon accident.

However, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that there are still plans to bring this movie into theaters, despite all of the mishaps that have happened. It is a superhero film so people are naturally drawn to those but you'd think they would surrender and just put this out for fans in a streaming service.

While we wouldn't mind seeing The New Mutants on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, you can't help but admire how the studio is pushing through for a theater release. After all, movie theaters are going to need everyone's help to make sure they stay in business after this is all over. You can say the same for a lot of other businesses but most people can still work from home, unlike those that work for movie theaters.

As of this writing, The New Mutants does not have a proper release date. Here's hoping that one is introduced soon.

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