The New Mutants is STILL Coming to Theaters With a New Release Date

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Even though it would make more sense to release it on Disney+ so that fans at home can have something to watch, it looks like Disney, Marvel, and 20th Century Studios are determined to get The New Mutants out to theaters. During Comic-Con@Home, after some jokes about the other release dates, it was revealed that the movie will now be coming out on August 28, albeit with a cute fingers-crossed emoji.

It's good to know everyone's on the joke but we're honestly shocked that they're still pushing through with a theatrical release. You could argue that this is Disney we're talking about and they feel that The New Mutants will actually make them money, unlike Artemis Fowl which would have been sent to death out in cinemas.

Since theaters are opening around August, this isn't the worst decision in the world, admittedly. Mulan is coming out on August 21 so it looks like Disney wants to make bank with their handy remakes and an X-Men movie, the last one to come from the former 20th Century Fox. With a lot of people excited about the horror concept in a superhero movie, we sure hope that it gets to come out after all this time.

The New Mutants is a pretty wild take on the iconic Demon Bear Saga from Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkewicz. These poor mutant teens are being experimented on in an asylum and it looks like something is out there to kill them, possibly a demon bear. At the least, we have a purple dragon that might help them out.

We're all hoping that The New Mutants actually comes out on August 28. *fingers crossed*

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