The New Mutants Frightens with Scores from Fans and Critics

There might have been a lot of excitement building up over The New Mutants, however, now that the film's finally set to premiere this Friday, it seems like the film is being bogged down by poor reviews from critics and from moviegoers.

Despite critics' campaign to refrain from reviewing the film until Disney offers safe screening options to moviegoers, a few Hollywood trade sites have decided to screen the film, and the reviews are far from stellar. Rotten Tomatoes has collated 14 reviews from critics so far, and only 4 are marked "Fresh" while the rest have branded the film as "Rotten."

So far, The New Mutants' critic score sits at 29% with trade sites calling it "a movie best forgotten by all involved," "the worst X-Men movie ever," and "plodding viewing experience, even with lowered expectations."

Filmgoers seem to share the same sentiment, though it seems like X-Men fans are much more forgiving than critics. Right now, The New Mutants has a 56% score from audiences.

The score could change as time goes on, however, early impressions of the film could make or break The New Mutant's commercial success. It doesn't help that the film is screening in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While we've yet to see the film, it's such a shame to hear that The New Mutants isn't doing well among fans and critics. There was a lot of hope for the movie. Despite the many delays and issues, the film suffered during production, everyone was eager to see Josh Boone's horror comic book movie.

The New Mutants is set to release on August 28, 2020.

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