14 Nov 2018 3:59 PM +00:00 UTC

The Murphys Return in Trailer for F is for Family 3

Netflix has a lot of great animated shows from Castlevania to BoJack Horseman, but the end of November will bring back everyone's favorite dysfunctional family from the 70s—the Murphys. Check out the full trailer for Bill Burr's F is for Family 3.

If you caught the second season of the show, it was teased in the finale that Frank and Sue might get pregnant because of some faulty condoms. Based on her appearance in this trailer, it definitely looks like Sue has a baby in her belly—I can only guess the freakout that Frank will have when he finds out.

We also have a new character in the form of Chet who is voiced by Vince Vaughn. Based on the trailer, Frank will find some kindred spirit with Chet as both of them have served in the military. What's more, Chet looks like a pilot and based on what we know about Frank, he's wanted to become a pilot ever since before he even met Sue. It was Sue getting pregnant with Kevin that sidetracked all of their plans.


With the dysfunctional family trope being a norm with sitcoms, F is for Family manages to stand out by giving us some really tough scenes while at the same time being laugh out loud funny. You can defend the Griffins and the Simpsons all you want, but the Murphys actually bring drama that is disturbingly real.

Catch F is for Family 3 on Netflix Nov. 30.

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