The Matrix Gets a Dance Adaptation Directed by Danny Boyle

It looks like Warner Bros. intends to bring back The Matrix in an unexpected medium. It has just been revealed that a dance adaptation of the cyberpunk franchise is currently in the works. In addition to that, it was revealed that Trainspotting director Danny Boyle will helm the stage play!

According to Collider, Warner Bros. Theater Venues is currently planning a dance adaptation of The Matrix that will bring audiences into the Matrix in a whole new way. 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle will helm the production which is already set to premiere at the Manchester-based arts venue Factory International next October. This will be the first time that Boyle is directing a stage play.

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The dance adaptation will be titled Free Your Mind and is being billed as a "large-scale immersive performance" that will take over the massive spaces of the venue. Needless to say, Factory International is the perfect place to see a stage play of this kind as it will be able to capture the scope of the beloved blockbuster by the Wachowskis.

It's a truly ambitious idea considering that Danny Boyle has never worked on anything like this before. However, considering his success in directing the likes of Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, we're expecting Boyle to handle the project quite well.

Boyle will be joined by longtime collaborator Tracey Seaward who will produce the dance adaptation while playwright Sabrina Mahfouz will write for the project. Artist Es Devlin will provide large-scale sculptures for the immersive set while music and choreography will be handled by Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante and Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy, respectively.

The Matrix premiered in 1999 and introduced Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson aka Neo. The hit movie was followed by three more films and the latest one, The Matrix Resurrections, was released on December 22, 2021.

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