The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Under Fire for Comparing COVID-19 To HIV

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I think we've pretty much established that there are only three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and Gina Carano being on the receiving end of public scrutiny every time she speaks her mind on social media. Kidding aside, it seems like the former Star Wars actress can't seem to escape controversy thanks to her opinions that a lot of fans deem questionable. If you may recall, Carano got ousted from Disney and Lucasfilm earlier this year for the socio-political tweets that have been getting her in trouble since last year.

Following her newsmaking removal from the Star Wars franchise, one would think that Carano may have finally learned her lesson the hard way but instead, her firing from the company only made her more vocal than ever about her personal opinions towards current issues.

Now, in the latest installment of Carano rubbing a lot of people the wrong way on Twitter, the ex-star of The Mandalorian is once again under fire for comparing the COVID-19 pandemic to the HIV epidemic which gained widespread attention in the 1980s. Taking to Twitter, the former mixed martial arts fighter posted a quote pointing out the apparent "similarities" between the COVID and AIDS viruses.

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Credit: lucasfilm

Of course, a lot of people were once again ticked off by her latest statement and they've called out Carano for wrongfully comparing the two.


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I mean, sure, we're all entitled to our respective views and opinions about things but I personally believe that Carano's recklessness is getting a little out of hand. She's still a public figure at the end of the day and if anything, she should be using the platform she was given to spread positivity and awareness. Instead, it divides people. I'm not saying she's doing it on purpose but that's how it's coming across to a lot of people.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to begin filming soon.