The Mandalorian Star Admittedly Disappointed with Season 3 Finale, Here's Why

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It goes without saying that The Mandalorian's third season isn't the strongest entry in the beloved Star Wars series which almost sounds ludicrous considering how the show was consistently great. Still, Season 3 is essential viewing, especially for fans who want to keep up with everything MandoVerse.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Season 3 left many quite disappointed for a lot of different reasons and it turns out, even series mainstay Emily Swallow wasn't particularly happy with one aspect of the show.

You see, Swallow's character The Armorer was the subject of several interesting theories in the third season, all thanks to the character's suspicious demeanor.

Over the course of the season, it was revealed that Moff Gideon built his own Imperial base in Mandalore, sourced beskar alloy, and had it forged to create new armor for him and his troopers.

Naturally, given how The Armorer is the only known Mandalorian in existence to have the ability to forge beskar, fans immediately assumed that she was the spy working closely with Gideon.

However, Chapter 24 debunked that theory and pretty much confirmed that The Armorer's intentions were pure. On Twitter, the actress responded to a fan who apologized for doubting the character's allegiance to Mandalore.

Swallow says that the theories surrounding The Armorer's treachery disappointed her more than anything. She wrote: "I'm not mad. Just disappointed." Check it out here:

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The truth surrounding Gideon's connection to Mandalore was left unaddressed and as it stands, the show has yet to reveal if there's actually a traitor lurking in the shadows.

All three seasons of The Mandalorian are available to stream on Disney+.

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