The Mandalorian Finale is Directed by Ant-Man's Peyton Reed

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We're finally down to the last episode of The Mandalorian, and one thing fans are curious about is who directed the episode. As it turns out, it was someone who had already helmed a released chapter.

Credit: Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm,

Talking to ExtraTV (via DiscussingFilm), Pedro Pascal has revealed that the director of the finale episode of The Mandalorian Season 2 is none other than Ant-Man's Peyton Reed.

Admittedly, Reed's episode, The Passenger, is considered to be one of weaker episodes of the season, but if you ask me, it was actually very well directed from the flight scenes to the cave. If anything, the only weak part was the writing, as it felt like the episode didn't really go anywhere significant to the whole story.

We don't know specifically what's going to happen in the finale episode of Season 2, but we do know that we'll finally have Mando clash with Moff Gideon, which has been teased ever since the first season. While a clash is inevitable, I'm also hoping that we get some revelations about what Gideon wants to do with Grogu. I also hope it's not too much to ask for Mando to get a new ship by the time the credits start rolling. Some are speculating that Boba Fett is going to die and leave Din the Slave I, but I hope they keep him alive just a little while longer, as we only really got him ‘back' now after so many years of speculation.

The finale episode of The Mandalorian Season 2 comes out this Friday on Disney+.


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