The Mandalorian Director Robert Rodriguez Says Boba Fett Script Didn't Feel Real

There is little doubt that fans think Chapter 14: The Tragedy is currently the best episode of The Mandalorian. After all, it was written by Jon Favreau and directed by Robert Rodriguez. However, it looks like Rodriguez initially couldn't believe what he was reading when he was first presented with the screenplay because it didn't feel like an official script.

Rodriguez recently spoke to Collider about working on The Mandalorian Season 2 and he admitted that he couldn't believe what he was seeing in the screenplay.

"When I saw the script and it said 'Boba Fett' and 'Darksaber' and 'Mando' and 'Fennec,' I was just like, 'This doesn't even feel like a real script. It feels like a fan wrote this in a fever dream hoping that this would be an episode,'" Rodriguez joked. He then clarified that he did like what he was reading.

"It had all the good stuff in it. It was like a 'Greatest Hits' of all the good stuff; I couldn't believe it," Rodriguez continued, adding that he loved the idea that he would get to work with one of the most popular Star Wars characters.

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"To go play in Star Wars with all the toys and to get to play with Boba Fett as one of your main [characters] — I just thought, 'I gotta go in there and just have him be... I don't know if he's going to show up in any more episodes or what, so I just gotta make him super badass at this moment [and] be that character that I imagined him being when I heard about him when I was 12'," Rodriguez said.

"That was my mission, just to go satisfy that 12-year-old fascination with the character," he concluded.

We're loving the idea that Rodriguez got to do exactly what he had wanted to do from childhood. Needless to say, it reflected beautifully in the episode.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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