The Mandalorian Chapter 19: [SPOILERS] Rejoins the Creed… by Accident

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Credit: Lucasfilm
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Warning: If you haven't seen Chapter 19 of The Mandalorian, this article contains major SPOILERS so read at your own risk.

The Creed is something The Mandalorian has given major significance since the beginning of the first season and Mandalorian warriors who still follow the "ways" of Mandalore are bound by it. However, there are exceptions like Bo-Katan Kryze who for years has not been tied to the said creed.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Well, despite Bo-Katan's obvious resentment of the creed, the latest Chapter of The Mandalorian saw her get redeemed but everything happened by accident. In Chapter 18, Din Djarin took a dip into the living waters in an attempt to redeem himself and get rid of his Apostate status.

Sensing something was wrong, Bo-Katan quickly came to Mando's rescue and thankfully, she was able to pull him out of the water just in time. When Din proves to the Armorer that he was in fact in the living waters thanks to the sample he brought in, he was once again declared a Mandalorian.

As for Bo-Katan, it turns out that when someone takes a plunge into the waters and they don't remove their helmet after that, they're automatically accepted back into the creed whether they like it or not. This means that Bo-Katan is once again a Mandalorian by way of the creed and it'll be interesting how she handles it.

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Although Bo-Katan made it clear that she wants no part of Din's mission to restore order to Mandalore, her becoming a full-fledged Mandalorian opens up a number of possibilities, especially with the revelation that the Mythosaur still exists.

The Mandalorian's nineteenth chapter is now streaming on Disney+.