The Mandalorian Blasts Stranger Things Away as Most In-Demand Streaming Series

The Mandalorian is currently the most popular Disney+ series out right now and it isn't even close. A combination of the Star Wars brand and some actual creative effort to make the show entertaining has made this series the main reason for having a Disney+ account and we'll be expecting all Star Wars fans to have one soon enough if they didn't already.

As it turns out, it's not just Star Wars fans who enjoy it as Business Insider reports that The Mandalorian is officially more in-demand than Stranger Things when it comes to streaming service shows. The report states that Stranger Things was actually enjoying that spot for 21 long weeks and has finally been dethroned by the very first live-action Star Wars show. Crazy.

Just to be clear, this doesn't make Stranger Things a bad show by any means. It's an original IP after all, albeit one bathed in ‘80s nostalgia and Dungeons and Dragons, but the show is still of quality and shouldn't be missed. That being said, the Star Wars license is so big that expecting a huge turnout was inevitable; we just weren't expecting it to be more in-demand than the big Netflix franchise.

You can't go anywhere on the internet without seeing The Mandalorian, whether it be videos about what happens next or some of the hilarious memes that have come from the show. Simply put, it's a worldwide phenomenon, though that's mostly due to the association with Star Wars.

Fans can now watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ where the first three episodes are available for streaming, with the fourth coming out this Friday.

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