The Little Mermaid Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Need To Know About the Disney Movie

The Little Mermaid Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Need To Know About the Disney Movie
Credit: Disney/ Disney D23

The Little Mermaid Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Need To Know About the Disney Movie
Credit: Disney/ Disney D23

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Another Disney princess is getting her very own live-action adaptation as Ariel will come to life in theaters this year on Disney's The Little Mermaid. Check out everything you need to know for the upcoming movie!

Be Part of That World in Disney's The Little Mermaid!

"Out of the sea, wish I could be part of that world."

Who could ever forget this line sang by Ariel in The Little Mermaid?

Well, it's about time to witness her dive through theaters in her very own live-action adaptation brought by Disney to the big screens starring the multi-talented Halle Bailey as the titular mermaid, Ariel.

From the 1837 fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen and the 1989 animated Disney movie of the same name comes The Little Mermaid in live-action!

Disney brings another princess to life which is expected to follow the previous adaptations of the title.

In a story of love and dreams, join Ariel as she takes her first steps in The Little Mermaid.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Disney movie with the release date, plot, cast, crew, trailers, and updates!

The Little Mermaid Release Date: When Will the Movie Come Out?

In September 2021, it has been announced that The Little Mermaid has scored a Memorial Day Weekend release in 2023 as it will arrive in theaters on May 26, 2023.

Be sure to mark your calendars to join Ariel as she follows her heart on land!

Tickets for The Little Mermaid is now available on Fandango. Check the tweet above for more details on how to secure a seat!

For those waiting for the release of the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid, be serenaded by Halle Bailey's Ariel as it comes out a week before the release of the movie in theaters.

The soundtrack of The Little Mermaid will be made available on May 19, 2023!

The Little Mermaid Cast: Who are the Actors Included in the Movie?

The characters of The Little Mermaid is the same as that of its source material with Ariel as the main character of the movie, the Disney princess who is the daughter of King Triton longing for what it is like to be in the human world. She will be played by the multi-talented Halle Bailey.

Melissa McCarthy has been tapped to play the villain of the lore as Ursula, the sea which whom offered Ariel a deal to the human world but with consequences that could make it or break it for her.

Jonah Hauer-King joins the ranks of the live-action princes of Disney as Prince Eric, the human whom Ariel fell for after she saved him from drowning and he will do everything to find his savior and marry her.

The friends of Ariel will also be present! The voice cast includes Daveed Diggs as Sebastian, the crab; Jacob Tremblay as Flounder the fish who is Ariel's best friend; and Awkwafina as Scuttle, the diving bird friend of Ariel.

Other cast members of The Little Mermaid are as follows: Javier Bardem as King Triton, the father of Ariel and King of Atlantica; Art Malik as Grimsby, the butler of Prince Eric; and Noma Dumezweni as Queen Selina, mother of Ariel.

The sister of Ariel are Lorena Andrea as Perla, Simone Ashley as Indira, Kajsa Mohammar as Karina, Nathalie Sorrell as Caspia, Karolina Conchet as Mala, and Sienna King as Tameka.

Also in the cast but with undisclosed roles are Jessica Alexander, Russell Balogh, and Adrian Christopher.

[This article will be updated if there would be additional cast members.]

The Little Mermaid Crew: Who are the Creative Minds Behind the Scene?

The Little Mermaid Crew: Who are the Creative Minds Behind the Scene?
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Credit: Disney
The Little Mermaid Crew: Who are the Creative Minds Behind the Scene?

Musical movie veteran known for Chicago, Rob Marshall, sits on the director's chair for The Little Mermaid, with the screenplay of David Magee and Jane Goldman on the story by Magee, Marshall, and John DeLuca based on the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen.

The producers of The Little Mermaid are Rob Marshall, John DeLuca, Marc Platt, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The cinematography of The Little Mermaid is by Dion Beebe, editing by Wyatt Smith, and the music by Alan Menken.

Speaking with, Alan Menken reveals that there would be new songs for The Little Mermaid, "When I was finally brought in to see all that, we had meetings and Lin came in and we looked at where the existing songs were going to be, and then simply plotted out the other songs."

The Little Mermaid is produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Lucamar Productions, Marc Platt Productions, and 5000 Broadway Productions, to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

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The Little Mermaid Plot: What Will be the Plot of the Movie?

The Little Mermaid Plot: What Will be the Plot of the Movie?
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Credit: Disney
The Little Mermaid Plot: What Will be the Plot of the Movie?

The official synopsis of The Little Mermaid is as follows:

"The Little Mermaid” is the beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure.
The youngest of King Triton’s daughters and the most defiant, Ariel longs to find out more about the world beyond the sea, and while visiting the surface, falls for the dashing Prince Eric.
While mermaids are forbidden to interact with humans, Ariel must follow her heart.
She makes a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, which gives her a chance to experience life on land, but ultimately places her life – and her father’s crown – in jeopardy."

The Little Mermaid only has two options to follow: the tragic story of the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen or the happily ever after from the animated Disney movie in 1989.

There is, however, huge change in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid which is the reason why Ariel gave up her voice to become human.

The Little Mermaid is expected to run for 2 hours and 15 minutes as per the listing from the AMC Theatres website.

It is set to be the longest of all the live-action adaptations of the classics of Disney.

All else is expected to follow the story of The Little Mermaid that everyone knows of.

It starts with Ariel, the daughter of King Triton, who wonders what it would be like to be in the human world.

When she saves a prince from drowning, her dream to be on land strengthened, thus, striking a dangerous deal with the sea witch, Ursula, which endangers her own life.

Whether the live-action movie of The Little Mermaid would deviate from the source material is something to look out for as well. What do you think?

Where to Watch The Little Mermaid?

Where to Watch The Little Mermaid?
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Credit: Disney
Where to Watch The Little Mermaid?

The Little Mermaid is set for a theatrical release on May 26, 2023 and it is expected to arrive on Disney Plus a few months after it comes out of cinemas.

With Disney+, you can have a wide range of shows from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney+, Pixar, ESPN, and National Geographic to choose from in the streaming platform for the price of $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annually.

Is There a Trailer for The Little Mermaid?

Disney released a 30-second teaser for The Little Mermaid on February 15, 2023 where it shows a closer look at Halle Bailey's Ariel, her mermaid sisters, Prince Eric, and the villainous Ursula.

The songs from the Disney movie is also expected to be in the upcoming movie.

The trailer starts with the rough seas giving a ship a shake where Prince Eric helms the crew through what seems like a storm in the middle of the ocean. Upon crashing on a rock, he calls to abandon the ship.

Prince Eric drowns but fortunately, Ariel is there to save him from his demise, bringing the prince safely to the shore.

Then, men from the palace come charging as they look for the prince. Ariel escapes them in time as she glances one last time before heading into the ocean.

As Ariel returns, her father, King Triton, awaits, then reprimands her for breaking one of their rules of not going to the above world.

Ariel explains that she saved a life of a drowning man but all she had from her father was for her to stop obsessing about humans.

It cuts to Prince Eric wanting to know more about mermaids, then Ariel, going to Ursula who offers her a deal that is too good to be true. Ursula casts a spell on Ariel where she finally gets her feet.

Still mesmerized, Ariel's friend, Scuttle seems to try to understand the situation and Sebastian tells Scuttle that Ariel got legs.

Then, it shows a montage of Ariel's life under water, a performance with the sea creatures, then some clips of her adventure on land.

It cuts back to when King Triton was reprimanding her, telling her that the prince is human and Ariel is a mermaid, but Ariel fights back telling her father that just because it is like that, doesn't mean they are already enemies.

Teasers for The Little Mermaid are also released with the snippet of Halle Bailey's version of Part of Your World and she belts the tunes showing what she could bring into the table.

Another The Little Mermaid teaser also brings in what the cast and the crew of the movie do behind the scenes like Jonah Hauer-King revealing all the things he trained for, Awkwafina doing hilarious ad-libs, and everyone enjoying the set.

Daveed Diggs, who holds the record for the fastest rap performance on Broadway with his role in Hamilton, plays Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and he continues to show off his singing prowess in a clip singing his version of the iconic Under The Sea.

Check out EpicStream for more updates on The Little Mermaid!

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