05 Jul 2019 3:28 PM +00:00 UTC

The Lion King TV Spot Pits Timon And Pumbaa Against The Hyenas

The premiere of The Lion King is only two weeks away and we are finally seeing more TV spots and clips from the highly anticipated film. The latest promo puts the focus on Simba's two friends Timon and Pumbaa and somehow confirms that the duo will go up against (or at least try to face) the hyenas.

The TV spot opens with young Simba wondering about Timon and Pumbaa's home. "We live wherever we want," the meerkat answers. "We do as we please," the warthog explains. They then tell the lion cub that he has to eat like them if he wants to live with them.

Little Simba clearly isn't impressed about the bug buffet presented in front of him but it's clear that he eventually adopts their diet as their friendship grows. But how strong is the bond between lion, meerkat, and warthog? At one point, the trio and Simba's old friend Nala need to get past a group of hyenas. When Timon asked how they could get rid of the "slobbering guards," Pumbaa immediately they should find something "big and juicy" to distract the hyenas.

Of course, they don't exactly want to be used as bait but Timon and Pumbaa gather enough courage to walk up to the hyenas. However, they still run away at the last minute.


There is little doubt that Billy Eichner's Timon and Seth Rogen's Pumbaa will be scene stealers in The Lion King. We certainly can't wait to see the duo in action this month.

The Lion King hits theaters on July 19.

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