The Law Cafe Episode 12 Recap: An Unexpected Person Saves Lee Se Young From Danger

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi’s K-drama, The Law Cafe episode 12 featured a different kind of relationship and how others perceive love.

As the rom-com series heads to its finale, Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yuri’s romance gets clearer.

The Law Cafe Episode 12 Viewership

Interestingly, apart from the smooth-sailing romance of the main characters, The Law Cafe episode 12 sees a significant rise in viewership rating.

According to Nielsen Korea, the October 11 episode garnered an average nationwide rating of 6.5 percent while 6.1 percent in metropolitan areas.

It is a major increase from the previous episode with only a 5.4 percent nationwide rating.

Where to Watch The Law Cafe K-drama?

Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi’s K-drama is a 16-part episode series that airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Interestingly, The Law Cafe is broadcast via KBS2 and can be streamed through Viki and ViuTV.

The Law Cafe Episode 12 Recap

The episode began with Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yuri taking their relationship to an intimate level.

Unfortunately, they got interrupted by their friends who came over to Jung Ho’s place to bond.

After their mini get-together with their best friends, Kim Yuri insists that they keep their relationship private.

The next day, the Law Cafe team and their neighbors are noticing the closeness of Jung Ho and Yuri and speculate that they are officially dating.

Another highlight of The Law Cafe episode 12 is Dr. Park Woo Jin’s stalker.

In one scene, the doctor exhibits unusual behavior and seems anxious about something, which bothered Kim Jung Ho.

He asked Park Woo Jin about the thing that worries him and tells his cousin that it is about his former patient.

“I think she’s back again,” the doctor tells Jung Ho.

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In the next scene, a flashback featured a woman who used to be his patient but developed an obsession with him, resulting in violence.

However, it appears that she is back again, giving Woo Jin reasons to get terrified.

On the other hand, Kim Yuri bumps into a lady who is also a lawyer like her. The duo got close and agreed to meet again for a conference.

The day of the conference has come, and Yuri declined Jung Ho’s offer to go with her and said that a female friend, also a fellow lawyer, would accompany her.

However, right when they almost reached their destination, the female lawyer, Da Young, made a scenario and asked Yuri to come with her to the apartment to get some stuff.

At her apartment, Yuri felt something strange and started to get dizzy. However, several clues point out that her female friend was Woo Jin’s stalker and spiked her coffee drink.

After she gets conscious, that is where Da Young confessed and suggests that she was jealous of Kim Yuri.

Right before she attacks Yuri, an unexpected person comes in, it was none other than the Dohan Corporation’s former director Lee Pyun Woong, who saved her from the crazy lady.

At the station, Jung Ho was mistaken and thinks that Lee Pyun Woong was the one who kidnapped Yuri. Although he saved Yuri, Kim Jung Ho still doubted his action.

On the other hand, as Da Young was under the police’s custody, Kim Jung Ho warned him never to get near Yuri of Park Woo Jin.

In the last scene, Jung Ho admitted that he is scared to lose Yuri and the same goes for the female lawyer.

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