The Last of Us Fans Celebrate Christine Hakim's Debut as Ibu Ratna

It's finally time for The Last of Us Episode 2 and the series just gave us another history lesson on how the cordyceps began infecting humans. In Infected, we are brought back to 2003 when it is confirmed that everything started in Jakarta in Indonesia. The flashback introduces famous Indonesian actress Christine Hakim and fans are celebrating her debut as Ibu Ratna.

In The Last of Us Episode 2, we are brought back to 2003 in Jakarta, Indonesia where a mycology professor Ibu Ratna is brought across town by the military. The professor is brought to a facility where she is asked to inspect the corpse of a flour mill worker who had bitten her co-workers. When Ratna checks the woman, she discovers a human bite on her leg and fungi tendrils in her mouth.

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The soldier who escorted Ibu Ratna reveals that it is unknown who had bitten the woman but 14 of her co-workers at the flour mill have gone missing. He then begs the professor to help them find a cure before the infection spreads. The terrified Ratna tells him there is no cure and that the only way to prevent the pandemic is to bomb the city. She then tearfully asks to be brought home so she could be with her family.

It was another stunning opening for The Last of Us and fans were delighted that the series made the right call by casting Christine Hakim as Ibu Ratna. Needless to say, people are celebrating Hakim's debut in the HBO show.

So what are the chances that we will get to see Ibu Ratna again in the next episodes? For now, it is unlikely as The Last of Us Episode 3 could show us another period in the past that is connected to the outbreak. Still, people are hoping that Ratna will try to fix things in the future.

The Last of Us Episode 2 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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