The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson Highly Recommends HBO's Watchmen

In the wake of all the #BlackLivesMatter protests, HBO's Watchmen has become surprisingly relevant, even prompting the network to make it available for free last weekend. What's great is even The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson highly recommends the show, and he's suggesting that all his followers on Twitter check it out.

Here's the post:

While there are some fans who complain endlessly about The Last Jedi, Johnson is no doubt one of the most celebrated modern filmmakers today, what with films like Knives Out and Looper. It's great that he actually supports Watchmen seeing that the show has also been subject to trolls who "don't want politics in their comic book films."

If you ask me, HBO's Watchmen is actually pretty faithful to the original comic, and wonderfully builds on the world, introducing us to great new characters as well as bringing back old ones. Not to mention they have powerfully used actual events of human tragedy to tell their story. I mean, bringing up the Tulsa Race Massacre was relevant enough, but using it as a tool to tell a superhero origin? That's just genius.

With the show coming out in 2019, a lot of people are considering it was kind of prophetic in the way it was depicting police violence and systematic racism. Why don't you try and tackle those issues, MCU?

Watchmen isn't available for free anymore, but you should definitely check it out on HBO's available channels.

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