The 'Labyrinth' Honest Trailer Reminds Us How Awesome David Bowie Was

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Screen Junkiesreleased a new honest trailer, one that came after much pleading from fans – the Labyrinth honest trailer!

It’s just as you would expect. The hilarious take on the ‘80s cult classic is a testament to David Bowie’s hold over us even after his crushing death. Bowie is a rock god who heavily influenced fantasy and science fiction, which is why many people were deeply affected after news of his death came out.

To pay their respects to the esteemed icon, the Honest Trailers team finally made a video on Labyrinth.

While many might be sceptical about this new trailer from a team that mocks films, it actually features nothing but praise for the late Starman.  

Check it out for yourself.


The trailer speaks the truth. David Bowie did make the movie the ’80s gem that it is all on his own. As the Labyrinth honest trailer said, the recently passed icon stole every scene in the film.


Of course, the trailer also spoke the truth saying the movie is as weird as one would think coming from creators Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Terry Gilliam. However, it perfectly points out all the reasons why people loved the film since its release.

Even without Bowie being Jareth the Goblin King, the film did give us a musical number with the rock legend’s package that we can never get out of our heads, which in my opinion, makes it all the more special.

What do you think?