The King's Man Director Reveals Plans For TV Spinoff Despite Mixed Reviews

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The King's Man, a prequel to the Kingsman franchise, has received mixed reviews so far.

Some applaud the action's creativity, while others despise the overall tone. Director Matthew Vaughn, however, is unfazed. In fact, a TV series could be in the works.


An Unlikely Source of Inspiration

In an interview with Screen Rant ahead of the premiere of The King's Man, Vaughn said that he is planning on a TV show on the Statesman organization. Despite his reservations about making the leap to television, a recent movie-TV hybrid provided him the confidence to explore the Statesman concept, which happens to be Disney+'s Loki.

“I saw Loki. So I thought, 'Hey, maybe we could do our version of that with the Statesmen, with the American characters and that's the TV spinoff,'"Vaughn told the outlet.

“... I'm trying to get through this at the moment. So hopefully people will watch this and this goes well enough that we do King's Man 3 and this and the TV thing.”

Vaughn’s Ambitious Kingsman Prequel

The latest Kingsman film, The King's Man, is both a huge departure from previous Kingsman films and an important component of the franchise's expansion.


The first Kingsman movie, which was released in 2015, was a surprise success, grossing $414.4 million globally. This instilled trust in Vaughn and comics creator Mark Millar, allowing them to move forward with new projects centered in the Kingsman universe.

Despite the fact that the 2017 sequel The Golden Circle fell short of the first film, there are still plans for a third Kingsman film situated within the main franchise, as well as other spin-offs.

Statesman was initially established in The Golden Circle as America's answer to Kingsman. It could use a more in-depth exploration, the kind that generally occurs in a television show.

Vaughn didn't reveal much about the TV spin-off, but it appears that it will focus on facets of the Statesman not revealed in The Golden Circle. The Loki element, on the other hand, may take two forms. Vaughn stated that the Marvel show inspired him, which could be because Loki has its own complicated, fictional organization in the TVA.


For now, Vaughn seems to be waiting for things to naturally unfold. The King’s Man premieres Dec. 22.