The King's Affection Ending Explained: Episode 20 Recap + What Punishment Did Park Eun Bin's Character Receive? Rowoon's Ji Un Lives A Life Away From The Palace

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

The King’s Affection has been the talk of the town as soon as it premiered on KBS2 on October 11, 2021. The series airs new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST.

The KBS2 Kdrama, The King’s Affection, takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. The series tells the story of when having twins is a bad omen.

To avoid such bad events in the palace, the daughter was sent out and hid by the Crown Princess. Lee Hwi, the twin son, dies a few years later. To hide the Crown Prince’s death, the daughter was brought back to the palace to live as Lee Hwi.

Despite her attempts to isolate herself from everyone, she develops romantic emotions for the royal family’s teacher, Jung Ji Un.

Now that the series has ended, many viewers anticipate the finale and are hoping that Ji Un and Dami will finally have a happy ending. So here is what happened in The King's Affection Episode 20, and the ending explained.

The King’s Affection Episode 20 Recap

The King’s Affection Episode 20 sees Lord Sangheon returning to the palace with an army led by Prince Wonsan. They spared no one as they marched towards taking the throne from Hwi.

The King orders to bring Prince Gyeom to safety as he will be the next to take the throne. However, Prince Wonsan and his soldiers got a hold of them while trying to escape.

Seeing the blood bath happening on the palace grounds, the Queen Dowager takes a step forward to convince Prince Wonsan to stop his vicious act.

But it was no use as Prince Wonsan mercilessly took Prince Gyeom’s life in front of them. When Prince Wonsan is about to strike his sword towards Prince Hyun, Eun Seo arrives and injures the former.

Eun Seo takes Prince Hyun back to where the King was hiding to relay the news about Prince Gyeom’s death. Filled with despair, Hwi decides to surrender the throne to Lord Sangheon.

What Happened To Lord Sangheon In The King’s Affection Episode 20?

The King’s Affection Episode 20 also sees Hwi and Lord Sangheon having a cup of tea inside the King’s quarters. They exchanged last words, and Lord Sangheon even said he would have continued cherishing Hwi if she was born a man instead.

Many would think it was just an ordinary conversation between a granddaughter and a grandfather; however, the tension grows even more when Lord Sangheon suggests Hwi drink the poison.

On the other hand, Hwi seems to have an idea of her own. Earlier, she has ordered Court Lady Kim to put sonangcho to their black tea. This means that Hwi will die alongside Lord Sangheon.

Not knowing about this, Lord Sangheon drinks the prepared tea, assuming that he already had the victory.

But as soon as Hwi revealed that the tea has the same poison that Lord Sangheon used to murder the late King, the greedy grandfather tried to fight for his life but to no avail.

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Who Replaced The Throne In The King’s Affection Episode 20?

Thankfully, Hwi survived the poison and was left unconscious for a couple of hours. Because the truth of the King being a woman circulated all over the palace, there has been lots of petitions for her removal.

However, instead of pulling her out from the throne, the Queen Dowager suggests that she leaves the palace and go to someplace where no one will recognize her so she can live anew. Hwi disagrees and says that she will accept whatever punishment there is.

Prince Hyun assumed the kingship as he automatically became the next in line after Hwi was dethroned.

What Was Hwi’s Punishment In The King’s Affection Episode 20?

The King’s Affection Episode 20 sees Ji Un begging the Queen Dowager to sentence Hwi to paenghyeong. It is a grave punishment wherein a person is thrown into boiling water and left to die.

Ji Un reasons out that Hwi is a person who does not exist in the first place as he already died a long time ago.

With the identity of Hwi being sentenced to paenghyeong and removing all records of his life, Dami can recover her identity as a woman so she can lead a new life.

The King’s Affection Ending Explained: Did Dami And Ji Un Get Married?

The King’s Affection Episode 20 shows Dami and Ji Un as a married couple living a quiet yet happy life away from the crowded palace.

As they live peacefully near the sea, the two assure each other that nothing can ever separate them anymore. They held a promise that they would stay with each other forever.

All the important persons in their lives then appeared as they walked along the shore. Court Lady Kim and Bok Dong accompanied the King and Eun Seo as the new commander. Happiness and content were seen in their faces which finally signals a happy ending after everything that happened.

Will There Be The King’s Affection Season 2?

The King’s Affection premiered its first episode on October 11, 2021 and aired new episodes every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2 TV and Netflix at 9:30 PM KST. With a total of 20 episodes, the series concluded with an impressive record on December 14, 2021.

As of this article’s writing, there has been no official news or announcement regarding The King’s Affection returning for season 2. If the Kdrama is up for a second season, viewers can see Dami and Ji Un’s married life, and who knows, we can see more scenes of Dami in gorgeous dresses.

Hyun as the new King can also lead to a new storyline if there will be The King’s Affection Season 2.

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