The Internet is Turning Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Into a Cute Anime Girl

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Credit: Financial Times/Youtube

The internet is currently trying to figure out whether or not North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un did die last weekend, but for now, everyone is looking at the one who is next in line—his youngest sister Kim Yo-Jong. What's interesting is, with all this attention on North Korea's possibly first woman dictator, the internet has decided to turn Kim Yo-Jong's current predicament into the premise of an anime about a cute girl who is going to be the ruler of N. Korea.

Twitter is being flooded by posts and fanart like this:

Admittedly, Kim Yo-Jong's age and rise to power are being likened to that of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and though we don't expect her to be any less ruthless, there's no denying that she has been very impressive when it came to her asserting herself as Kim Jong-Un's next in command.

She even got her own anime opening:

For now, the internet is still looking for answers on whether Kim Jong-Un has died, seeing as North Korea is being very secretive about the whole situation. While some say that he's definitely dead, others are claiming that he's left in a vegetative state after the botched heart surgery.

If anything, an anime based on a cute girl who would become the dictator of a country seems like a fun premise that someone should jump in on now. While I'm not supportive of Kim Yo-Jong, I do love me an anime with a ridiculous premise and a cute protagonist.

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