The Great Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers And Everything We Know So Far

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It’s official – The Great Season 3 is coming. The successful TV series, which stars Elle Fanning as Catherine The Great and Nicolas Hoult as Peter III, is a loose comical reconstruction of the actual events that led to Catherine's ascension to Empress Regnant of Russia.

We’re not exactly surprised, but that doesn’t make us any less ecstatic. Season 2, after all, debuted in November on Hulu with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

What Will Happen in The Great Season 3?


Season 3 of The Great will very certainly explore the fallout from Catherine's latest outburst. After assuming the throne and (somehow) falling in love with her husband Peter III and raising their son Paul together, things took a horrible turn when Catherine discovered Peter had slept with and (accidentally) killed her mother Joanna (Gillian Anderson).

Catherine publicly forgave Peter for his infidelity, but then paid him a visit to his apartment, where she attacked him with a furious knife attack...or so she believed. Catherine had attacked Peter's double Pugachev.

In an unexpected change of events, Catherine raced into Peter's arms when he discovered a scared Catherine and a bloodied Pugachev in his bedroom.

Catherine had her faithful supporters and guards arrested Peter's supporters who were organizing their own coup at Mariel's (Phoebe Fox) wedding while this was happening at Peter's apartments. Mariel, Catherine's closest friend, was detained as a result of this.

Pugachev escaped the attack, and history aficionados may recall that Yemelyan Pugachev in real life, who impersonated Peter III in 1774, led a huge peasant revolt. Depending on how creator McNamara keeps to the history books, Pugachev could play a significant role in Catherine's downfall in The Great Season 3.

Fanning and Hoult also revealed to Newsweek that their son Paul may be involved in a big narrative in Season 3.

"They have a kid and I don't know how old that kid would be. I want the kid to be around. I think that would be interesting,” Fanning said.


When Does The Great Season 3 Air on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Hulu has not yet confirmed a specific release date for The Great Season 3. After all, the season was only confirmed on Jan. 11.

Fans should expect The Great to arrive in late 2022, based on the release dates of the first two seasons.

However, because the development and release of The Great Season 2 were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a chance that The Great Season 3 will be released sooner than predicted.

In the meantime, you can catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu.