The Good Place Creator Talks What We Will Never See in The Bad Place

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After his great work on The Office and Parks and Recreation, Michael Schur has found another hit with The Good Place. The show had just finished airing its second season, and Schur shares a bit about what we'll never be able to see in his version of the afterlife.

Talking to Vulture, Schur explains that we won't ever be seeing kids or physical torture in The Bad Place. He explains:

"No kids, because that's too depressing, and no physical anguish. I think that keeps the show from devolving into some weird manifestation about human pain. It's better to show toxic masculinity or annoying YouTubers, because that sounds like what hell really is."


Despite the show going all out about the physical tortures that will occur in the actual Bad Place, the show still hasn't shown any of it onscreen at all. To Schur, it would be a lot more fun just to see forms of torture being obnoxious and rude people. He continues:

"If they were really evil demons who were hedonistically ripping people's eyes off and stuff, that doesn't sound too funny. There's an episode where Dax Shepard guest stars and there's a group of dudes who work in the toxic masculinity department. For me, if there's a hell and I go there, it would be those dudes greeting me."

For a show called The Good Place, we have never actually been able to see what the "Good Place" really is at all. The first season revealed that Eleanor and the others were actually in the Bad Place all along, and the second season just gave us a look at the actual Bad Place. So far, we have no idea what kind of heaven there is for this world that Schur has created. With Eleanor being brought back to life and searching for Chidi though, I think there's a great chance that we might actually get to visit the actual "Good Place" at some point.

Catch The Good Place when it returns Dec. 6 on NBC.

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