The Funniest AI Content You Can Watch Online in 2023

AtheneWins' AI Show
Credit: YouTube

AtheneWins' AI Show
Credit: YouTube

AI content is here. For some, that means a ton of existential dread and worrying about what the future has in store, and for others, that means some high-quality memes and funny stuff to watch. Either way, though, AI isn't advanced enough for an uprising that ends with humans being exterminated just yet, so why not enjoy some of the funniest AI content out there?

Not to worry, though, because in this article we'll give you our top picks for all the funniest AI content you can watch online in 2023.

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AtheneWins' AI Show

AtheneWins is a streamer and online content creator. He first began making YouTube videos all the way back in 2007, focusing on World of Warcraft. In the years since he started making content, he's covered many different games and changed his content in many ways, as you might expect.

However, recently, Athene has been running the 'Athene AI Show' on his streams. The basic idea is that Athene brings on an AI version of a popular content creator or celebrity and he has a 'conversation' with them on stream.

There are lots of hilarious responses and memeable moments, as you might expect, but it's important to understand that these aren't unscripted conversations with an AI either. AI is used to generate the video, audio, and responses of the AI representations of people onstream, but Athene isn't exactly having a live conversation with the AI.

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As far as guests go, though, there's quite a variety. Athene brings on fellow streamers like Asmongold, HasanAbi, or XQC as well as major celebrities like Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, or Steve Carell right alongside politicians like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. Put simply, Athene brings on just about anybody who might be interested to have an AI version of on stream.

Seinfeld AI Parody 'Nothing, Forever'

Nothing, Forever is basically an endless, AI-generated Seinfeld parody. It's a sitcom in the general style and tone of Seinfeld with representations of each major character, and the idea was that AI would be used to generate the script, voices, and 3D animations to create, effectively, a procedurally-generated sitcom television show.

The show was created by a physicist and manager at Microsoft who relied on technologies like GPT-3, a language model from OpenAI, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Azure Cognitive Services. Just about everything you see is generated, not created by hand, and viewers could even interact with the show via Twitch's chat function, and the show could change itself in real time based on how the audience was reacting to it.

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The show, though, as of now has been taken offline. There was an incident during a live broadcast where one of the characters on the show, an AI version of Jerry Seinfeld, made what many felt to be an inappropriate joke, getting the show temporarily suspended off Twitch. Since then, the creators have promised the show's tech will be updated and it will return eventually, but you can, of course, find videos of it across the internet.

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Presidents Playing Video Games

Just as a disclaimer, these videos are much more 'deepfakes' than they are leveraging the true power of AI, but nonetheless, they're still a great, totally hilarious form of AI-generated content out there on the internet. As for the videos themselves? Well, they're about what you expect.

Little meme-filled videos where U.S. presidents, like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and more, are playing video games together over voice chat as if they were all gaming buddies hanging out and roasting each other. As you might expect, it's pretty surreal to hear Donald Trump in the context of a CoD lobby talking trash about Obama, his teammate.

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What's more is that the deepfaked voices are getting pretty good, too. It's not perfect yet, meaning the voices are still recognizably artificial in some sense, but we're rapidly approaching a point where deepfaked voices can well sound like some snippet of a real person's phone call where the quality isn't going to be that pristine anyways.

And no doubt that as deepfaked voices get even better, the content made with them will only get more and more entertaining, if a bit scary.

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