'The Force Awakens' Survival Kit: 12 Must-Have Items for Waiting in Line

It’s not enough to have tickets to The Force Awakens opening night.  Diehard fans also need the fortitude to wait in line for hours (or days in large cities) to score the best seats to watch history happen on the big screen.

How can you stay reasonably comfy and pass the time?  Look no further.  The items on this list are your only hope.

  1. Star Wars Mad Libs

    Re-write Star Wars history while you pass the time.  

    Did you know that the Force is a mystical, sticky power?  As Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “The Force is an energy field, created by all living Hammer pants, that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the Jell-O together.”

  2. Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards

    Once you’re tired of thinking of adjectives and plural nouns, unpack these playing cards.

    Pro tip:  If someone says, “Who is this?” you know they have the prequel librarian card (Jocasta Nu, eight of spades).

  3. Star Wars Honey Grahams

    Quell your rumbling stomach while displaying dominance to other fans by biting Darth Vader’s head.  It works best if you maintain eye contact as you chew

  4. R2-D2 Thermos

    Then you can wash it all down with whatever you put in this R2-D2 thermos.  According to the product description, it’s not a container.  It’s a FUNtainer.

  5. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

    Did you decide to camp out overnight?  Curl up inside this tauntaun sleeping bag.  Unlike a real tauntaun, if it smells bad (outside or inside), it’s your fault.

  6. Wampa Beanie

    If waiting in line for a December release leaves you feeling like you’re stranded on Hoth, fit in with the locals by donning this Wampa beanie.

  7. Chewbacca Hoodie

    This hoodie will also keep you warm, but resist the urge to pull off anyone’s arms.

  8. Star Wars Vans

    You love Star Wars.  The movie theater (and the laws of thermodynamics) require shoes.  This covers both bases and, you know, your feet.

  9. Boba Fett Bluetooth Speaker

    Fett didn’t die in the Sarlaac pit.  After all, he had a thousand years of slow digestion to make his escape.  Proof:  He’s sitting on the sidewalk beside you playing John Williams for everyone in line.

  10. Boba Fett Headphones

    Don’t want to broadcast your tunes?  Opt for headphones instead.  Bonus:  These fold up for easy storage.

  11. Lightsaber Power Bank

    Recharge your phone just in time to tweet about your sweet seat with the power of this lightsaber power bank.

  12. Yoda Backpack


    What’s waiting for you inside the theater?  “Only what you take with you.” That’s not exactly true, but Yoda will hold on to anything you need to stow away.

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