The Flash's Grant Gustin Responds to Body Shamers After Costume Leak

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Grant Gustin might beat up bad guys for a living in CW's The Flash but it turns out that body shamers on social media are a whole different kind of evil. Some reported leaks came in about The Flash having a more comic-accurate costume for the show and there will reportedly be a test-outfit before we get the real thing. Unfortunately, some people who decided to check the leaks out decided to call out Gustin for being too thin.

This has resulted in the actor responding with a lengthy open letter on Instagram, pointing out how he has been battling body shamers since he was young. Gustin also calls the photo leaked a terrible picture and claims that the outfit will look much better on television, even claiming that he loved it. It's an unfortunate situation all around and we can see why he would get emotional about it.

While a little too eager to change the timeline, Grant Gustin's version of Barry Allen has been a fairly likable hero through most of the show's seasons. Gustin clearly puts a lot of heart into his performances and some would argue that he's a much better Flash than Ezra Miller. Calling him out on how his body looks isn't proper and has nothing to do with his role anyway.

The Flash returns to the CW this October.

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