The Flash Star Ezra Miller Reportedly Set to be Fired by Warner Bros. Discovery

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

There have been conflicting reports surrounding Ezra Miller's true status in the DC Extended Universe and while it may have looked like his days as the Fastest Man Alive are numbered, most recent reports have claimed that his meeting with Warner Bros. Discovery went pretty well and the general belief currently is that he'll return for more projects after The Flash despite the slew of controversies that have plagued his personal and professional life.

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Credit: WB

Now, a new report adds to the confusion regarding Miller's future in the DCEU, and contrary to what other insiders say, David Zaslav and company reportedly have no desire to keep the controversial actor as part of their roster of talent.

According to the latest scoop from MyTimeToShineHello, Warner Bros. Discovery is adamant about removing Miller from the DCEU despite his recent apology. The oftentimes reliable insider says that the 30-year-old actor is getting recast after The Flash "no matter what".

Details about Miller's replacement were not disclosed but it's worth noting that WB Discovery has long been considering it prior to their meeting with the actor and his agent.

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From a business standpoint, it makes sense for WB Discovery to drop Ezra Miller because let's face it, he's a walking PR nightmare for the company. Also, judging by the fans' reactions even after he issued his apology, they aren't ready to forgive the actor for the trouble he caused innocent people. I mean, it would take more than a "sorry" to redeem himself.

As it stands, DC's The Flash is scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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