The Flash Season 5 Episode Titles Hint At Major Deaths And Rag Doll Debut

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There are dark times ahead for Team Flash in The Flash Season 5. The group could be facing major deaths and the arrival of DC supervillain Rag Doll.

The titles for the first six episodes of The Flash Season 5 have just been revealed by SpoilerTV and it looks like the premiere episode will focus on the show's new speedster. Nora is clearly a reference to Barry Allen and Iris West's daughter who has dropped in from the future. Unfortunately, the next few episodes don't look very promising for Team Flash.

The third episode has been ominously titled The Death of Vibe in reference to Cisco Ramon. Could this mean that Carlos Valdes will be leaving the series soon? It's highly unlikely that Team Flash will be losing one of its most important members but the episode could reveal how the character will lose his powers in the future.


Episode 5 may confirm that another comic book villain will debut later this year. All Doll'd Up teases the arrival of Rag Doll, the master contortionist who also happens to be a gifted hypnotist.

The Icicle Cometh is the sixth episode of the upcoming season and it could mean that DC comic book villain Joar (or his son Cameron) Mahkent will be introduced in the series. Some also believe it is a reference to Killer Frost's possible re-emergence.

None of the six episodes seem to allude to Chris Klein's Cicada just yet. Nevertheless, it looks like Team Flash is set for a truly stressful season.

The Flash Season 5 will air on The CW on October 9.

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