The Flash "S3E23 Finish Line" - Review: Flash Vs Future

The Flash "S3E23 Finish Line" - Review: Flash Vs Future
8 out of 10

Finish Line – After Iris survives, Savitar faces being erased from existence but not before devising a plan to become the true God of speed. Barry attempts to reach the good within him but will it be enough?

I don’t to keep rambling on about The Flash’s season one finale every time May roles around but I do love it more than Szechuan source and hold it as the benchmark for superhero show finales. For the second year running The Flash has not rediscovered that form but still delivered something decent. Finish Line is very inconsistent episode but packs many big moments and some good deep comic book cuts, not only to the ongoing “Future Flash” storyline but some interesting nods to Flash Rebirth do. Let’s start with the whole, “make love not Speedster fights” approach of the first half as Barry attempts to reach the parts of his good self within Savitar. This might not be what most people would look for in a finale but I really liked the emotional dynamics of the Star Labs scenes as different characters grapple with trying to forgive Savitar. These scenes also take a  great bigger picture approach to the situation as Savitar struggles with what his life will be after they save him; he’ll still be a clone of Barry with no place in the world. It doesn’t quite reach the emotional heights it leaps for but it holds your interest being a different and refreshing approach to the final conflict. Then there are the first few minutes in the aftermath of last week’s conclusion. The outcome won’t surprise anyone that’s been anywhere near the Internet recently but the execution was still spot on. Joe in particular reacting to Savitar stabbing Iris..... brutal.

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As for the episode’s action, the big speedster showdown moments were visually impressive if perhaps a little brief to imply the excess CG budget was tapped for the season (damn you Gorilla City!). The use of Savitar’s suit was very cool and the Vibe Vs Killer Frost side fighting was a nice distraction. Despite looking worryingly like the Annihilator 2000 from Beverley Hills Cop 3, the Speed Force Bazuka (“I didn’t name it”) serves as a good McGuffin device and unlocks several great moments in the episode. Some events still felt far to inconsequential though. The worst case was the big “stoning”. While it made for an eye pleasing 30 seconds there seemed to be zero consequences for what was made to look like such a major event.

I really thought they were going to icicle themselves in the foot over predictably turning Killer Frost back into Catlin but instead I really like how the episode played out for her character and how it sets her up for season 4. I can really see Daniel Panabaker making something enjoyable about of the material it will provide. Elsewhere the end events leave several faces in interesting positions. Wally looks set for a step up, Tracey is definitely sticking around as is Julian. We’ll now be going into next season with a very different Team Flash setup which should keep things fresh. A departing member received a very touching and effective send off too.

While it may be a little eclipsed by Supergirl’s alien siege spectacular, I wasn’t in any way disappointed by this Flash conclusion; it just didn’t impress as much as I would have liked. Until next Autumn Flash fans, may the Speed Force be with you.

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