The Flash Reportedly Makes Shocking Change to Ben Affleck's Batman

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Credit: WB

With all the hype surrounding Robert Pattinson's The Batman, fans still couldn't help but ponder what could have been if Ben Affleck didn't exit the project. It's no longer a secret that the Justice League star is on his way out of the DCEU with The Flash currently listed as his final outing as the Dark Knight. But what if we told you that's not the actual case? A new DCEU rumor claims that the actor's future in the franchise may have been changed drastically.

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Credit: WB

According to the latest scoop from tipster Grace Randolph, the most recent cut of The Flash might have sealed Affleck's DCEU fate. She reports that the franchise's original Bruce Wayne will actually live after the movie, contrary to previous rumors claiming that Batfleck will die in what was described as a major reboot. Interestingly, Michael Keaton's version of the caped crusader is still reportedly the Batman of the "new" DCEU so we don't know for sure how everything plays out.

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As promising as this new rumor seems to be, you can't help but wonder how WB pulls it off. I mean, having two Batmen sharing the same universe let alone the same identity will definitely be odd. Unless there are plans to retcon either Affleck or Keaton's story. Well, nothing has been officially confirmed yet so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what actually happens.

The Flash's theatrical release has been pushed back to June 23, 2023.