The Flash: New Reports Debunk Ezra Miller Recasting Rumors

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As a result of their recent legal issues, a lot of fans have been wondering about Ezra Miller's future in the DCEU and there was a recent report that suggested that their role as the Flash is being recast with Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien potentially replacing them. However, it looks like the rumor is not true at all according to some reporters.

Variety senior entertainment writer Adam B. Vary clarified on Twitter that he heard from his sources that Warner Bros. is NOT considering replacing Miller on The Flash despite the actor's recent arrests in Hawaii. He also noted that the film already finished shooting a while ago and replacing Miller would result in reshooting the entire film.

TheWrap film reporter Umberto Gonzalez also joined the chorus on Twitter by also clarifying that O'Brien is NOT replacing Miller on The Flash since the film already wrapped more than five months ago.

It's great that we have a clarification regarding the rumor since it has been widely discussed by fans for the past 24 hours. Of course, it still doesn't mean that O'Brien won't have a chance to play the character since he can still play the role in another DCEU project after The Flash if Warner Bros. makes a final decision to fire Miller as a result of their recent legal issues that have been making the headlines for the past few weeks.

There's still more than a year left before Warner Bros. makes any decision regarding how they will address Miller's future in the DCEU if reshoots aren't an option at all. Whatevery decision they will make, based on the O'Brien rumors, it looks like fans are ready to hear whatever update they have and the Teen Wolf star is an option that they are very much open with.

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The Flash is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.


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