The Flash Movie Still Planning to Adapt Flashpoint… Sort of

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It's no mystery that DCEU's Flash movie has been in development hell for years, but the film is finally moving forward with IT director Andy Muschietti. With the movie undergoing several revisions and rewrites, we now have confirmation on what comic storyline the film will draw from.

Talking to That Hashtag Show, Muschietti has confirmed that The Flash will still have a story based on the Flashpoint Paradox, but he does emphasize that the film will give us a "different version of Flashpoint than you're expecting."

If you read the comics, you'll know that The Flashpoint Paradox focuses on an alternate timeline that Barry Allen somehow creates in an attempt to change the past in order to save his mother. The movie includes a lot of dark elements, like a Superman that is a government prisoner and a Wonder Woman who is waging war on the Atlanteans. Probably the most infamous change in this timeline is the inclusion of a Batman who is Thomas Wayne (little Bruce was the one that died in Crime Alley that fateful night).


When it comes to a different Flashpoint than we're expecting, I think the movie is just going to borrow the alternate universe element, but scale things down a bit. If you ask me, the real Flashpoint storyline could make for a Justice League film, but seeing as WB is trying to take it slow with DC properties, all we can really do is wait.

Either way, I'm happy that Flash is finally moving forward, and I can't wait to see the film when it hits theaters on July 1, 2022.

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