The Flash Movie Delayed Again As Andy Muschietti Plans To Take A Break After It Chapter Two

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At this point, saying The Flash movie will be delayed is already getting repetitive. However, it's happening yet again as new director Andy Muschietti says he needs to take a long break after working on It: Chapter Two.

Muschietti is currently promoting Chapter Two at the San Diego Comic-Con but he also briefly addressed the possibility of working on the Ezra Miller movie. Speaking to Fandango, the Mama director claimed he isn't allowed to speak about The Flash just yet especially since he needs to take a breather.

"Oh, I can't really talk about that... yet," Muschietti said. He then added, "I really want to take a few months off after IT: Chapter Two and then regroup."

This isn't exactly what fans want to hear but Muschietti might be right about getting a vacation for now. After all, it was previously reported that Miller might need to finish work on Fantastic Beasts 3 before he could start filming the DC Extended Universe movie. Hopefully, this will change once Muschietti is ready to start working on the highly anticipated film.

The Flash movie has gone through several problems in the past. The project was a long list of possible directors that were already signed on but have decided to step away from the film. Considering that DC has been quite lucky when it comes to hiring filmmakers associated with horror movies, we're hoping that Muschietti will be the perfect fit for the project.

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