The Flash Director Reveals How Michael Keaton Agreed to Return as Batman

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The Flash will not only mark Barry Allen's first solo adventure in the DCEU, but it will also mark the return of Michael Keaton as Batman almost 30 years after he last played the character. During the recent DC FanDome event, they finally gave us our first look at the actor wearing the suit again (or at least we only saw his back) in the teaser trailer that they released which made fans very excited.

Per, during a panel in DC FanDome China, The Flash director Andy Muschietti was asked about how he convinced Keaton to return as Batman after all these years. He said, "I think Keaton was honored to come to do this character again. But mainly we sent him a great script, and that is probably the thing that got him interested. It's more complex than this...we gave him a great script and I promised him great direction. And that was about it."

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It sounds like the material was the main factor that drew Keaton to return as the Caped Crusader. After all, actors always want to work with a good script and an interesting role to play. We don't know exactly what the story of the film will be about (excepting being inspired by Flashpoint and exploring the multiverse), but we can assume that there was something great there that made Keaton say yes. He could have refused to play the role again since it's been decades since he last played the character, but this shows how much he loved the role that he is open to doing it again.

It is exciting to hear that Keaton will be playing Batman again. Who knew that it will actually ever happen? The last time that he played the role was in 1992's Batman Returns and everyone thought that he would never ever don the suit again. A lot of fans consider him as their favorite Batman even up to this day. We don't know if this will just be a one-off or he might play the role again in more projects. We're going to find out more soon.

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The Flash is set to be released in theaters on November 4, 2022.