The First Trailer for Live-Action Lion King Could Drop This Week

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Disney has been hard at work bringing classic animated films to live-action. We've already seen teasers and trailers for both Dumbo and Aladdin, but this week we could see the preview drop for Jon Favreau's The Lion King remake.

This news comes from The DisInsider:


While no specific day of release has been announced, it's very possible that this could come out sometime within the week. Some would think that it could be dropped on Thanksgiving, but it's also likely that we could get our first look on Friday.

Though the movie has been marketed as a "live-action" remake, the film is actually done completely with (very impressive) CGI—the same tech that was used for Favreau's The Jungle Book film. We have yet to get a look at the new characters, but we know that the cast will have Donald Glover (Solo: A Star Wars Story) in the lead, plus Seth Rogen (Pumbaa), Billy Eichner (Timon), Beyonce (Nala), John Kani (Rafiki), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar), and John Oliver (Zazu).

Interestingly enough, the movie is keeping original Mufasa voice actor James Earl Jones for this film.

Though I imagine a lot of people don't want to see this film being made, the numbers alone speak for themselves. These live-action remakes make a lot of bank for Disney, and there's nothing fans can do but be along for the ride. If anything, they can always go back to the original film.

Catch The Lion King in theaters July 19, 2019.

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