The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Set Photos Feature the Return of Captain America's Shield

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel fans were looking forward to see Sam Wilson sporting Captain America's shield in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, considering that Steve Rogers passed this onto him in Avengers: Endgame. However, it looks like the Falcon won't be able to fulfill his destiny because the iconic shield has fallen to the hands of another.

This article contains potential SPOILERS for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Filming for the highly-anticipated Disney+ series is well underway and multiple set photos have already gone around in the past few months. That being said, new images from the shoot reveal that the iconic shield is now possessed by Wyatt Russell's John Walker.

The actor was seen filming on Monday where he shot two scenes - one in military garb, with some sort of arm sling, indicating that he was injured. The other photo shows Russell wearing the Captain America costume, holding the hero's shield whilst waving at people. You can check the set photos from Page Six here.

Based on the photos, it looks like Wyatt could be next Captain America instead of Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson. It is likely that he will be in possession of the shield for a while before being handed to the government. Of course, it is yet to be revealed if the Falcon willingly gave it to them or if he was just forced to.

John Walker was first introduced in 1986 starting off as Super Patriot. Eventually, he became a government-sanctioned superhero and replaced Captain America. It is possible that Wyatt could be taking over the superhero role and fans are excited to see how the studio depicts this storyline in the show.

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set for release on Disney+ this Fall.

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