21 May 2021 12:23 PM +00:00 UTC

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sebastian Stan Suffered Nasty Injury While Filming

Credit: Marvel Studios

Playing a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a dream job for a lot of comic book fans and while it may seem like a walk in the park to some people, taking on a Marvel role isn't always all that that fun. Just take it from Sebastian Stan who experienced first-hand just how physically demanding it is to star in an MCU project where he pretty much puts his body on the line for our entertainment.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Apparently, the Winter Soldier actor was dealing with a serious ankle injury while filming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it was quite bothersome for the 38-year-old. But like a true champ, he was able to suck it up, power through the pain, and deliver us an astonishing performance as Bucky Barnes in the hit Disney+ series.

During an interview on the Just For Variety podcast, Sebastian revealed that he was in pain while filming his action scenes after injuring his ankle. "I just landed and twisted my ankle so badly that I thought it was broken. Like I actually couldn't walk on it," Stan explained. "In between the takes when we had to do the set-ups, I would run upstairs and two people would help me out of this boot and I would just take my foot and put it in a bucket of ice."

Meanwhile, Stan's MCU journey as the Winter Soldier is far from done, and with the confirmation of a Captain America 4 film happening, it's safe to say that we'll see more of Bucky in future phases of the MCU fighting alongside his trusty ally and new Star-Spangled Man Sam Wilson. However, his days living under the Winter Soldier moniker may be over and Stan will definitely take on a new persona in future projects.

All episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are available for streaming on Disney+.

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