The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Is Sebastian Stan Throwing Shade at Captain America's Ending?

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After several films of Steve Rogers sacrificing himself for everyone else, Avengers: Endgame had him going a bit selfish for once and living his life out with Peggy Carter. Though some think this is the best way to end Rogers' arc, some think it was another case of ‘character suicide'. What's curious is, is Sebastian Stan thinking the same thing?

He posted up this fan comment in his IG stories:


If anything, I thought Stan was poking fun at the comment because even I thought it was ridiculous, but could he be having his own reservations of how Bucky and Steve's friendship ended up? A more optimistic analysis could also be that this is a hint of Bucky's mindset in the upcoming series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I mean, both Bucky and Steve were men out of time, but with Steve gone, Bucky is left in a whole new world of isolation.

If you look at all the analysis from the film, it would even seem that Bucky knew that Steve wasn't coming back. His farewell sounded pretty serious, even though Steve was just coming back after a few seconds. He even gives Sam his moment with Old Steve alone; possibly because he already had his farewell with Steve at another time.

Then again, we're reading too much into one post. Hopefully, we'll get a good idea of Stan meant once the series officially comes out.


Catch The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when it debuts on Disney+ this August.

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