The Eternals New Cast Listing May Reveal Key Plot Point in Marvel History

Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

Aside from the stars that'll be featured in the film, plot details about The Eternals are quite scarce. However, a new cast listing has been revealed, which teases a major point in the MCU timeline that the movie will explore.

This article has POTENTIAL SPOILERS for Marvel's The Eternals.

Casting site (via Eternals News on Twitter) claims an actor named Noaman Saeed will be starring in The Eternals as a background character to play as a "guest to a Babylonian wedding."

The casting details hint that the Marvel movie will indeed be exploring different eras of the ancient MCU timeline, including the kingdom of ancient Mesopotamia. There is a small history dedicated to Babylon in the Marvel lore, one of which is a key connection to Angelina Jolie's Thena.

In the Eternals mythos, ancient Babylon Thena fell in love with Kro, a member of the Deviants, which is known to be the group's rival race. The pair eventually had a fallout, with Kro beginning to assume new identities.

Should the casting detail be confirmed, this suggests that Kro could actually make an appearance in the movie as its major villain. There could also be a twist waiting for fans in terms of his relationship with Thena. An Eternals Funko Pop list was also leaked around two months ago, which includes Kro, further hinting at the possibility of his appearance.

Marvel's The Eternals is set for release on February 2, 2021.

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