The Doctor Recruits Her New Companions in Full Trailer for Doctor Who 11

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Everyone is excited to see Jodie Whittaker's first outing as the thirteenth Doctor, and thanks to SDCC 2018, we have our first full trailer for Doctor Who 11.

We don't have any official synopsis for the premiere yet, but it should possibly pick up right where Capaldi's transformation took off. We've seen Whittaker's Doctor in her official outfit, but the trailer also has her wearing Capaldi's old duds.


We also have a glimpse at the Doctor's new sonic screwdriver, which has an orange glow this time around. Capaldi's was blue (much like Tennant's) and looked like TARDIS-inspired lightsaber.

What I really want to find out, though, is this Doctor's new catchphrase. Capaldi's version wasn't given something to shout out, and Moffat himself admitted that he wasn't a fan of the Doctor having catchphrases. As a fan, I'm hoping that Whittaker gets her own distinct one. What else am I going to put on my shirt?

With Steven Moffat stepping down as showrunner for Who, those duties have now been given to Chris Chibnall. It's only right that this new helm would try and mix up the formula; for one, giving us the first woman Doctor, and also having her recruit three companions.

Doctor Who 11 premieres sometime this fall.

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